Mindwork for everyone

Here at star mindwork we are obsessed with bringing the benefits of mindwork to everyone. 

We know the benefits mindwork, which consists, mainly of the practice of meditation and mindfulness and understanding how to utilise that to enable people to live better and happier lives.


Who we are

Star Mindworks Ltd is the face of Star Mindwork Community Interest Company where supporting our local community is at the centre of everything we do. Our aim is to help provide free or affordable mindwork to improve mental and emotional wellbeing for all. 

What we do

Free Classes

We believe everyone deserves a better, happier life and know that meditation and mindfulness can help with a huge range of issues, from addiction to stress, to trauma, to ADHD. We believe that anyone in need should be able to access excellent, professional, non denominational meditation and mindfulness. 

We aim to raise money to pay for classes for those who are unable to pay for classes themselves, especially those who’s lives, we believe could be vastly improved by the provision.


We understand that Meditation and Mindfulness is not a recognised therapy but believe it should be. We understand how this status makes it almost impossible for professional meditation teachers to find their customers and for their customers, be they individuals or business, find them. 

We wish to bring some regulation to the practice and teaching of meditation to solve these issues, so a quality, standard, regulated provision is available for all.

We know the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and are also aware of the huge growth in interest, understanding and support of providing meditation and mindfulness provision. 

However, we also understand that meditation and mindfulness

We are aware that issues that occur with accessing meditation and so aim to bring quality, easily accessible meditation and mindfulness services to those who need it, but may struggle to afford it through funding to pay for quality services to provide regular classes.

Why not help support us and the work that we do...

We're working hard to bring the benefits of mindwork to the people of Rochdale, if you would like to support us, you can do so here.